How to talk to young children about substance abuse

Important message for Neshaminy elementary school families

Please watch the video for a message for Neshaminy families about preventing substance abuse:

Parents and guardians have tremendous influence on their children’s behavior. Children are less likely to use drugs and make better choices when the adults in their lives stay involved with them.  Communicate with your child, have positive daily interactions, and teach your child how to say “no” with confidence before it’s too late.

How early is too early to begin teaching your children about the dangers of substance abuse and giving them the skills they need to avoid dangerous situations?

It’s never too early!

Families can start as young as preschool.

The document below offers instructions for talking with your children at every level – from preschool to young adult – with age-appropriate discussions and activities that will help them build substance abuse resistance skills:

Adobe PDF logo   Drug Free Tips Brochure (US Department of Education) 


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