Vaping and tobacco: Gateways to addiction?

Vaping is seen by many as a safe alternative to smoking. This is not the whole truth, despite the marketing. Vapes contain nicotine, which is still an addictive substance, as well as traces of other substances which have dangers of their own. The colorful tropical flavorings are appealing to children, and the incidence of vaping is rising sharply even as tobacco use is falling.

Maple Point Middle School hosted two assemblies on November 14, 2018, covering students in the entire school, to present information about vaping and tobacco use to counter the myth of vaping safety and help them understand the power of addictive substances. In the evening, a program was held at the school for parents and guardians, covering the same information and also offering tips on talking with children about the power of addictive substances, which is key to prevention.

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